About Horus North America

Horus North America was founded in 2021. Now with a growing team in place and unrivalled experience, the North American operation is growing in new sectors and markets.

Horus Security Consultancy Ltd was founded in Oxford in April 2006, on the principles of transparency and integrity, in order to bring tailored security services to organisations, institutions and projects in a spectrum of sectors operating around the world.

Our North American operation capitalises on our skills in providing critical security services for clients worldwide including global pharmaceutical & healthcare companies, leading research organisations and laboratories, major airports and rail systems, world-renowned universities, government agencies, and global construction and real estate development firms.

Our extended global reach not only means we can provide a ‘follow the sun’ offering across 24 times zones, but also means we can provide fluency in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), and other languages on an on-call basis.

Our core principles

Horus North America

Jonathan Whiteley

Horus Security CEO and Founder

Jonathan is a former Lieutenant Colonel in Military Intelligence who founded Horus after a 23-year career running security, intelligence and counter-intelligence operations all over the world.

After graduating at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, Jonathan worked for the British Army in various complex, highly volatile countries such as Iraq, the Balkans, and Cyprus. He was seconded at various times to all three UK national intelligence agencies and was mentioned in Despatches for his work in Northern Ireland.


After leaving the army in 2006, Jonathan ran a successful project for Oxford University and went on from there to set up Horus, growing the business to more than 40 people over the next ten years. He now runs the company from its HQ in Oxford overseeing its expansion as it continues to provide a secure environment for organisations and their employees wherever they work, across the globe.

Born and bred in Herefordshire, Jonathan is a season ticket holder for the Worcester Warriors rugby union team (they need his support!), has three grown-up daughters, and a partner who is a Professor at Oxford University. He speaks reasonable German, less reasonable Russian, and has a degree in European History and German Language.

Ed Lueckenhoff

Horus North America Regional Vice President


Ed was an FBI agent for 25 years and was subsequently the Chief Security Officer of two major multinational companies. He leads the new expansion by Horus into North America, where he is actively taking on new clients with a range of different security needs, as well as providing services and advice for Horus worldwide.

Ed joined Horus in 2021 after working for 14 years as the Chief Security Officer of two Fortune 500 healthcare companies that operated around the world. In both cases, he was the first to be appointed to the post and was therefore responsible for establishing all aspects of their global security programmes.

He also served on the Risk Management Councils of these companies and was very involved in developing and operating the Background Screening Programs for both companies. At one of the companies, he helped develop and lead the company’s Crisis Response Program.

Prior to this, Ed held various leadership, management and investigative positions at FBI Headquarters and four FBI field divisions. Ed was also assigned as a lawyer in the FBI’s Legal Counsel Division and as an FBI Crisis Response Coordinator.

Ed is a graduate of the Missouri University of Science & Technology and the Vanderbilt University School of Law. He is a past member of the state bar associations of Tennessee and Missouri and is licensed as a private investigator by the State of Texas.

Our team

The people who work for Horus are engaging, creative and diverse and their support and development is integral to the success of the whole company.

1. Understand Requirements

We understand the importance of taking the time to listen to your specific information requirements to thoroughly understand your security needs.

2. Custom built deliverables

We work closely with you and your team to develop a package of services and products to fulfil your requirements.

3. Adapt & Adjust

These products are continuously adapted to suit the ever-changing security threat landscape.

Our process of
working with our clients

We understand the importance of taking the time 
to listen to your specific information requirements to thoroughly understand your security needs.

Our global presence

We have a worldwide footprint with offices in London, Singapore, Austin and our main HQ in Oxford

Horus Security Consultancy

Horus Security Consultancy was founded in Oxford in 2006 and provides high-quality security consultancy and intelligence services to clients across a wide range of sectors.

Horus Asia Pacific

Horus has been providing high end security services to the Far East since 2015. Now with a growing team in place and unrivalled experience in its leadership team, the Singapore operation is growing in new sectors and new markets.

Our core principles



We listen and support our clients and tailor our services to deliver what they want.

Continuous development
Development in our people and our technological resources keeping Horus relevant and current in the marketplace.
We are committed to diversity at all levels with our organisation. By opening our minds and challenging bias, we create openness to change and innovation, engender respect and create great work for our clients.
We seek to provide balanced and relevant solutions to the challenges that our clients face.
We follow the highest standards and ethical principles in everything that we do.
Transparency & full legal compliance
Our clients can rely on Horus products and services either in the civil or criminal courts.

We listen

We understand

We bring expertise

We deliver

Our clients chose us because of our impressive track record, unrivalled experience and focus on delivery

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