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Horus North America was founded in 2021. Now with a growing team in place and unrivalled experience, the North American operation is growing in new sectors and markets.

Horus Security Consultancy Ltd was founded in Oxford in April 2006, on the principles of transparency and integrity, in order to bring tailored security services to organisations, institutions and projects in a spectrum of sectors operating around the world.

Our North American operation capitalises on our skills in providing critical security services for clients worldwide including global pharmaceutical & healthcare companies, leading research organisations and laboratories, major airports and rail systems, world-renowned universities, government agencies, and global construction and real estate development firms.

Our extended global reach not only means we can provide a ‘follow the sun’ offering across 24 times zones, but also means we can provide fluency in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), and other languages on an on-call basis.

The Horus Group

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Horus North America 

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Our team

The people who work for Horus are engaging, creative and diverse and their support and development is integral to the success of the whole company.

Our global presence

We have a worldwide footprint with offices in London, Singapore, Austin and our main HQ in Oxford

Horus Security Consultancy

Horus Security Consultancy was founded in Oxford in 2006 and provides high-quality security consultancy and intelligence services to clients across a wide range of sectors.

Horus Asia Pacific

Horus has been providing high end security services to the Asia Pacific region  Now with a growing team in place and unrivalled experience in its leadership team, the Singapore operation is growing in new sectors and new markets.

Our core principles

Value creation, integrity services and ‘best in class’ quality for all clients.
Ethicality in our information gathering and investigations processes.
Providing balance and relevance to all our services.
Continuous Development
Continuous development of staff (our most valuable asset) and technological resources.
Inclusivity & Diversity
Fully committed to inclusivity and diversity – ensuring that all employees are valued and respected across the Horus Family.
Community Commitments
Continually strive to contribute to sustainability – both with positive actions, leadership and example. Alongside supporting social and charitable causes.

Horus only uses publicly available information from the internet.

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