Travel Security

We provide a comprehensive travel security safety net for foreign students living abroad, tourists who need extra guidance and reassurance, and employees in unfamiliar territories.

Horus Global

Horus Global is a comprehensive travel security service providing real-time alerts, advice and guidance for anyone working in, studying in, or visiting, unfamiliar places. It provides:

  • Your own, personally-tailored, 24-7 total security package
  • Alerts and information on security, covid, and local news
  • An ‘always on’ safety and security app, on your own smartphone
  • Live monitoring and a ‘check in’ facility to inform others of your location
  • Access to emergency services, instant advice, or just a helping hand

Horus-i App

The Horus-i app is an intelligence dissemination platform that
provides an easily accessible 24/7 information network of
‘as it happens’ alerts about events and occurrences that may
impact your travel or cause you concern.

More than 3,000 people have downloaded our user-friendly global travel security app.


Global capability

Our alert coverage is continuously growing as our global clients return to travel. Many of our clients that use the Horus-I app rely on our team of security experts to deliver as-it-happens news and alerts to enable them to make well-informed decisions for safer travel.

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