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Our Intelligence service provides timely, high quality intelligence reporting for any organisation needing total confidence that it is keeping its people and operations secure.

Our Intelligence service

We have developed our Intelligence service from our years of experience, across a wide variety of sectors and organisations, based on deep expertise in the fields of intelligence and analysis.

Any part of our Intelligence service can be customised and adapted to your needs, to provide credible, timely information based on our analysis of open-source data, ethically obtained and stored to an evidential standard.

We understand the critical importance of research tools and methodology and are always innovating, led by our in-house R&D team, to provide exactly what our clients need.

We have developed our own process to ensure we are blending breadth of source volume with the depth of case specificity, in exactly the right balance for our clients. This is also one of the many areas of our work informed by our Intelligence Cycle methodology.

Our Intelligence service offers:

Daily/weekly/monthly digests

Open source monitoring

24/7 alerts

Established methodology

Geographical analysis

Deep web mining

Continuous review

Strategic assessments

Horus Analysis and Research Toolkit (HART)


We have our own dedicated system (Horus Analytical Research Toolkit – HART) to ensure our real-time collection and analysis of digital sources for our Intelligence services is as efficient and effective as possible.

The toolkit is used to harvest a vast range of sources on the internet to extremely high standards which can be adapted and tailored to specific, bespoke client needs in each case.


Intelligence collection process

1. Develop a bespoke information requirement​

Our team of security experts work closely with our clients to determine their security needs and requirements to develop a bespoke information requirement.

2. Information is collected in-house.​

Information is collected using our in-house Horus Analytical Research Toolkit – HART supported by off-the-shelf software.

3. Dissemination of information to clients.​

Dissemination using chosen client platform and then sharing information to clients through our range of products.

Talk to us about your Intelligence needs

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