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Our Technology

We use technology at Horus to provide bespoke, high quality services to our clients, to drive innovation and performance in our own internal operations, and to fuel ideas and solutions provided by our own in house R&D team.

We understand that many of our services are only as good as the research and analysis they depend on. Our R&D team are therefore continually developing new tools, platforms, sources, and datasets to enhance what we provide to our clients.


Travel Security – Horus-i App

We have developed our own app to provide seamless integration with our travel security services. The Horus-i app provides access to a 24/7 as-it-happens alert and information network, wherever you or your people are, anywhere in the world – whether family, friends, students, or employees.

Through the Horus-i app, you can:

  • Keep a close eye on family or employees in unfamiliar places
  • Get instant, direct assistance for risky or challenging situations
  • Receive as-it-happens updates about incidents in your local area
  • Be supplied with real-time COVID information and news

Horus-i can even be integrated with other, similar apps if your organisation has an existing service that would benefit from Horus alerts via a webhook plugin.


Horus Online Screening System - HOSS

For clients using our screening services, our R&D team built a tailored platform to provide a seamless interface between the key stakeholders in the screening process – candidates, recruiters, corporate security and our own team.

HOSS was built from the ground up and is packaged in an online portal accessible from any internet-enabled device, making it as easy and efficient as possible to upload and download data and information.

It ensures our clients have a robust and auditable process that gives key oversight and visibility on the progress and outcome of screening at every level of the business.


  • Our new system allows clients to search for candidates faster and easier.
  • Clients are able to add candidates in a time-efficient manner.
  • Our R&D have implemented a function to add multiple candidates in one session.
  • Clients are now able to view their candidates screening progress.

Horus Risk and Asset Mapping System – HRAMS

HRAMS is our bespoke, specially designed system to provide seamless, integrated security for clients with large, complex estates and facilities.

The system enables locations and facilities to be catalogued with detailed floorplans, room information, potential hazards, and safety equipment, providing an invaluable resource for security teams facing an incident.

Because no two clients are the same, HRAMS is completely customisable and is installed as a completely new, separate platform for each of our clients using it.


Horus Analysis and Research Toolkit - HART

We have our own dedicated system – HART – to ensure our real-time collection and analysis of digital sources is as efficient and effective as possible.

The tool is used to harvest a vast range of sources on the internet to extremely high standards which can be adapted and tailored to specific, bespoke client needs in each case, and is kept regularly updated to keep up with the latest web trends and developments.

HART provides our team with huge flexibility in its capability to capture data to evidential standards, all from open-source information. It is also continually improved via closed-loop feedback enabling our analysts to constantly update and develop its use.


The Intelligence cycle

In the world of intelligence, the concept of the ‘Intelligence Cycle’ is a well-known concept.

It is a closed loop in which six different stages – direction, collection, processing, analysis, dissemination, and feedback – represent the most effective way of processing information and turning it into actionable intelligence.

At Horus, we have our own version of this cycle, in which the process starts with the client requirements or input, before following the same pattern – direction, collection, processing (and analysis), and dissemination.

We also build into this process our principles of objectivity, accuracy, relevance, timeliness, and continuous review, so that the intelligence service we are delivering to our clients is of the highest quality, and as effective as possible, at all times.

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