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Friends of Horus

Over the years, we have at Horus developed a number of relationships with other organisations. Some of these are strategic partnerships, where we are working in close collaboration with another company to deliver a combined service to a client. Others are companies we have come across in our work who we admire or would recommend to others.

Universal Security Systems

“Universal Security Systems specialises as a security technology integrator in the design, installation and support of converged security solutions. The company’s portfolio includes IP CCTV, network based security systems, enterprise access control, advance intercom and intruder detection systems, all using the very latest network based cyber secure technologies.

From our corporate head office in London we manage, deliver and deploy the latest security systems and technologies worldwide.

We work with all types and sizes of organisations and have built an enviable reputation over 30 years by providing award winning services and value to our customers.”

Halo Solutions

“Halo Solutions was founded in 2014 and includes a team comprising hundreds of years of police command, public order and counter-terrorism expertise around the world. Our collective knowledge of control rooms, crowds and events led to the creation of the multi-award-winning Halo® System, the first of its kind and designed by UK Emergency Service, Counter-Terrorism and Industry Professionals working together to bring the best innovations into one product; to save time, save money and protect people, every day.

Our unique features means our system is the operational system of choice for major global tournaments like the Cricket World Cup 2019, cricket/rugby/football and live entertainment stadia across the UK, the largest events in the world like Notting Hill Carnival and Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour, as well as Government contracts with local authorities and the Royal Navy.

The Continuity Advisor

“The Continuity Advisor is a website created by crisis and continuity professional Alastair Lee in 2014 to provide organisations with free business continuity templates and other supporting materials to help improve their business resilience. Since its creation, there have been more than 35,000 downloads from users across the world. Examples of the templates offered include a business impact analysis, business continuity plan and a table-top exercise report form.

Al is a Member of the Business Continuity Institute and an award-winning professional who seeks to help organisations, regardless of size, protect their people and customers. The website is regularly evolving to provide further business continuity materials and advice. In a world with ever-increasing dependencies, business resilience is key; business continuity can help organisations absorb impacts during disruptive incidents and provide the time needed to adapt.”

DTS Solutions

“DTS Solutions are Communications System Integrators with a background in two-way radio, broadband push-to-talk, body worn video and various communication applications. They primarily operate in the education, retail, manned guarding and close protection sectors.

As accredited partners for the likes of Motorola Solutions and Avigilon, DTS specialise in bringing different security systems together, ensuring the right information gets to the right person on the right device at the right time. DTS’ drive to connect people to the information they need for safety and security makes the Horus-I app a key part of their solution portfolio.”

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