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Energy Security Council 2022

The Horus team recently attended the Energy Security Council (ESC) Conference in Houston, Texas last month.

Due to the recent pandemic, we have been unable to attend or exhibit at industry events or conferences. However, with the recent return of face-face meetings and the easing of travel restrictions, our team have been able to resume attending and exhibiting at industry-led events over the past couple of months, whilst promoting our range of products and services.

Last year saw the team officially open Horus North America (HNA). HNA is led by Ed Lueckenhoff, a 25-year veteran of the FBI who, after his retirement from the FBI, served for 14 years as the Chief Security Officer of two Fortune 500 companies.

The core purpose of our North American operation is to capitalise on our skills in providing critical security services for clients worldwide. This includes global pharmaceutical & healthcare companies, leading research organisations and laboratories, major airports and rail systems, world-renowned universities, government agencies, and global construction and real estate development firms.

The Energy Security Council (ESC) has been a leader in energy security education and networking since 1982. They have members from across the United States with the heaviest member concentration along the Gulf Coast area. ESC is a non-profit international professional, networking organisation that consists of executives, mid-level managers, and professionals who represent global oil and gas exploration and production, renewables, power generation, transmission, pipelines, marketing, petrochemical and related service companies.

Speaking about our time at ESC, the Horus senior security team said:

We enjoyed our recent attendance at ESC conference in Houston, Texas connecting with like-minded individuals and stakeholders from the energy security sector.  As a major event for practitioners, the conference provided us with the opportunity to forge new business relationships and develop the Horus client portfolio in North America.

The next conference the Horus team will be exhibiting at is the IACLEA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from 27-30 June. This conference will be an excellent opportunity for the Horus team to network with fellow attendees and share our extensive range of security services with a global audience. 

You can also recap our latest post detailing our time at this year’s Milipol Asia Pacific conference in Singapore with our Asia Pacific team. 

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