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The Horus team recently attended the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This attendance at IACLEA added to our presence at global events over recent months, including the AUCSO Annual Conference in the UK, Milipol Asia Pacific in Singapore, and the Energy Security Council Conference in Texas.

Due to our long-established experience in providing services to educational institutions, IACLEA was the perfect opportunity to share a further insight into what we offer to this large global audience.

The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) is the largest professional association that is committed to providing campus public safety and law enforcement. Members of the association include police chiefs, public safety directors, law enforcement officers and security personnel at global higher education institutions.



The organisation has over 7,000 members which are currently filled by 4,000 leaders in campus public safety represented by over 1,000 higher education institutions in 14 countries.The conference was held at the MGM Grand Conference Center from the 27th to the 30th of June and saw the team network with fellow attendees. Horus team members attended various talks held at the conference to further understand the changing security landscape within the industry.

Horus showcased its portfolio of products at its impressive exhibition stand and spoke to numerous delegates through the course of the exhibition. The conversations held at IACLEA are now being progressed by the Business Development team to further build relationships and widen our client base.

IACLEA was an excellent event for the Horus North America team to build brand awareness and generate new connections within the academic sector. The whole team did an excellent job and look forward to building our presence further in the coming months.

The conference also held a ‘Chief’s Night’ on the Tuesday evening where delegates and exhibitors socialised and networked. Discussions continued with delegates met through the course of the day to further develop relationships. 


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The IACLEA event was really successful in showcasing our company to a global academic audience, building new relationships and extending those with current clients.

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